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Family reunion dinner table is hard to find Public net book cook

Date: 2015-12-04

From New Year's day and a half, the family reunion dinner reservation hotel has entered the peak ahead of schedule, barbecue season, sand pot in the city such as old restaurant dinner would have "a table is hard to find.Reporter noted that compared with the usual, traditional food is no longer "clueless", this year a lot of electricity within the market also joined the family reunion dinner, have launched free online booking, such as a bulk package service.All sorts of APP please cook got home also.
On New Year's family reunion dinner reservation 9 into
"I didn't think a hotel close to home, New Year's day room has been booked, it now has to find the four restaurants, reluctantly to reserve a table, a family package to sit down."Citizens ms wu told reporters that she started last weekend bookings for the whole family reunion dinner on New Year's 2016, to her surprise, thought that oneself start work early, but many restaurants have been fully booked, restaurants have rooms available position minimum additional requirements."Usually at this time of the reservation for the family reunion dinner there's empty desk, who knows this year everyone was worried."
Reporter yesterday visited found that family reunion dinner reservation at the peak of the 2016 New Year's day really came earlier than normal, Bali bistro, barbecue season and earthenware pot in the rooms of famous hotel booking rate more than ninety percent, only a small amount of empty table, golden tripod restaurant lama temple store large table for 8 to 10 people fully booked already basically, cross the guohua restaurant outside even next year on January 2 rooms had no choice."You can rank number first, if there are customers make reservations canceled, we will inform you."Guohua restaurant staff, according to two months ago have a reservation for the customer table in 2016 New Year's day."Every year began one month in advance reservation, did earlier this year."Reporters found that in terms of price, a table is controlled in 2000 yuan, per capita consumption from 100 to 150 yuan.
Net book economic and affordable
Without reservation to the citizens of the family reunion dinner is their own way.In xuanwu gate of Mr Zhang told reporters that in the entity shop to make an appointment after failed, he accidentally found on the web a better chance, "I have a lot of restaurants are found online provides services' New Year family reunion dinner, some direct delivery, have a plenty of to send home. Don't have to travel long distances to restaurants, at home also can eat restaurant food, family reunion dinner eat at home more taste."Mr Zhang says, he has already booked other hotel on the net of family reunion dinner, the weight of the eight people were priced at 308 yuan, "it's cheaper than we order in a restaurant at least two yuan."
Please do a chef to come home cooking
Many favours after 80, 90, in the Internet booking the chef to cook in the home."The last time I made a reservation in a APP on a cook, he can help me to buy the ingredients to the home, and then ready to leave. I feel very convenient, but also in the process of cooking can cook and face to face communication, compared with has adjusted the taste of semi-finished products, more peace of mind."Citizens song told reporters that there are a lot of online service like this APP, is very popular among young people."I made an appointment this year New Year's day the family reunion dinner is the chef to cook in the home, just need 99 yuan 4 vegetables a soup. If it is to prepare food, can eat very luxurious."
Reporter on several big Internet booking chef software, citizens can according to the meal needs according to sichuan, hunan, shandong, guangdong, this, is composed of six big cuisines to find corresponding cook.A chef, told reporters on the first day of vacation to do 3 of the New Year family reunion dinner reservation."Than usual has very much, I afraid drive field too late then."(source: Beijing morning paper reporter: Zhang Jingya)