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Beijing specialty in agricultural heritage

Date: 2015-12-04

The third batch of "China's important agricultural cultural heritage" list, published today in the Beijing jingxi rice and pinggu ma walnut selected four floor, it is also the first time Beijing's agricultural products for agricultural and cultural heritage.Jingxi rice culture research association zhen-dong du, jingxi rice farming began in the qing dynasty, has been 320 years of history, once cultivation has more than 10 varieties.At present in the haidian district in the town of zhuang west, east MaFang Village, MaFang Village ShangZhuang Village, often village, northwest in yongfeng tuen village and town yuquan village sijiqing reserves have rice area of 2000 mu.
And pinggu four floor production of hemp walnuts are well-known in the world of collectables - autograph.According to introducing, pinggu collectables - autograph walnut has a long history, especially in the qing dynasty until the end of the 20th century, pinggu old frowsty, pointed the lion, four lion and so on four floor hemp more famous representatives of walnut varieties.Now, four floor ma walnut producers Xiong Er village township, encourage the development of hemp walnut industry has developed so far "the four floor" collectables - autograph walnut 270 mu, grafting of more than 8000 strains.(source: Beijing evening news reporter: Ye Xiaoyan)