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Morning rush citizens to travel to take the bus and subway basic urban roads are open

Date: 2015-12-04

After heavy snow, many citizens collective change way to travel, this morning, is expected in the congestion has not come, although many areas because of the snow and ice does not drive has certain risk, but because of the traffic decreased significantly, there was no serious congestion, the urban road traffic accidents.
Reporter noted that between 7 to 9, basic flow of urban roads, congestion index released by committee, at 8, the city's only 5.4, belongs to the mild congestion, then all the way down, only 4.0 8 when 30 points, nine when fell to 3.5, has belongs to the basic flow.
During this period, the congestion is mainly appears in things on and along the south south to north, north two stopover HuanBei three-ring, and local, beijing-tibet expressway west ring into the urban roads and airport north gao to five yuan bridge to both sides.
According to the statistics of traffic administration, 8 PM peak, the city of less than twenty kilometers an hour sections about 30 of them, and this past week compared to the number of early in the morning peak five or ten decreased significantly.According to the bureau command center, look from the road, traffic today big decline, many citizens to take the bus and subway, reduce the surface pressure.(source: Beijing evening news reporter: enron)