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Beijing three Labour bring up an old man

Date: 2015-12-04

Latest figures show that by the end of 2014, the city's elderly aged 60 and above census register population of 2.967 million people, accounting for 22.3% of the population, the previous year increased by 1.1%.Yesterday, the city elderly do drawn up and issued "Beijing 2014 elderly population information and development status of aging report, report, the city's elderly population year-on-year growth in 174000, the city's elderly dependency coefficient of 33.3%, an increase of 1.8% over the previous year, which means the city three Labour bring up an old man.
The old man nearly half more than s
The city's ageing has aging characteristics.Statistics show that the old mouth, over 70 old people accounted for 47.4%, close to half.Total population of 65 years and older household elderly population of 2 million people, 15.0%;More than 80 years old and older population of 516000 people, accounted for 3.9%.
Statistics show that by the end of 2014, at the end of 2013 - year - old man accelerated, even more than the overall growth of aging population.For example, the 80 and older elderly population increase of 80 people, an increase of 8.8%, aged of census register population proportion from 3.6% to 3.6%;More than 90 years old and aging population increase of 90 people, up by 12.1%;More than 100 years old and census register population aged 54 people, an increase of 9.2%.
The city district, 80 years and older elderly population in the top three is chaoyang, haidian and xicheng district, 92000 people, 89000 people and 81000 people respectively.And above household register 80 - year - old old people mouth, accounted for the top three xicheng district and dongcheng district and the haidian district, 22.7%, 22.7% and 22.7% respectively.
The 64 - year - old retired can alleviate the pressure of the raise
Elderly dependency coefficient, is the elderly population (aged 60 and above) and the working-age population (aged 15 to 59) the ratio of intuitive reflect social raising the pressure of old people.
Data show that at the end of 2014, the city's elderly dependency coefficient of 33.3%, an increase of 1.8% over the previous year.This means that a man needs three Labour.
By the end of 2014, the city's children's raising coefficient (divided by the working-age population) is under the age of 15, 16.3%, plus the elderly dependency coefficient, total raising coefficient is 49.6%.That is to say, this city every two Labour will correspond to an old man or a young child rearing.On the basis of the data, if the labor age 5 years, namely "aged 15 to 64", raising pressure will be eased.For example, aged 15 to 64 working population raised more than 65 years old and old man, elderly dependency coefficient dropped to 20.2%.This calculation, the total raising coefficient of the whole society will also be reduced to 34.9%.
The results also showed that the delays to the 64 - year - old retired, will greatly reduce the pressure of the endowment of the whole society.
Districts in the city, according to the working age population of 15 to 59 raising household register population aged 60 and above calculation, the elderly dependency coefficient in the top three, the shijingshan district and dongcheng district, fengtai district, is 40.8%, 39.6% and 39.4%, respectively.Such as according to the age of 15 to 64 working-age population of raising 65 and older population calculation, elderly dependency coefficient in the top three, chaoyang district, and xicheng district, fengtai district, is 24.5%, 24.3% and 23.3%, respectively.
There have been 643 centenarians
By the end of 2014, the city's population of 643 at the age of 30, the old man, a year-on-year increase of 54 people.Centenarians in the elderly, male 203, female 440, a year-on-year increase of 13 and 41 respectively.Per thousand population of nearly five the number of elderly people at the age of 30.
The capital function core area, the expanded function area, new district of city development and urban ecological conservation development zone in the number of centenarians elderly respectively 238, 287, 73 and 45 people, in the capital function core area per thousand population of nearly 10 people at the age of 30, the elderly.
The city districts, the number of centenarians old is in the top three in xicheng district, haidian district and chaoyang district, 145, 114 and 105 respectively.Per thousand population of 30 years old number in the top three is xicheng district and dongcheng district and mentougou district, xicheng district of per thousand population of more than 30 - year - old, 10 people.Centenarians growth is in the top three in dongcheng district, chaoyang district, and xicheng district respectively increased by 26 people, 17 and 18.(source: Beijing daily reporter: TongShuQuan)