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Places of leisure tourism year card sale

Date: 2015-12-04

$130, you can swim in beijing-tianjin-hebei region within a year 135 scenic spots.Yesterday, the beijing-tianjin-hebei places of leisure culture tourism year 2016 card went on sale.The year by the China aging industry association issued elderly council for the promotion of the tourism industry, can be in the city each big park outlets, Beijing travel network and other web site consulting to buy.
The Ming tombs zhaoling, jade crossing the mountain scenic spot, cool and refreshing in miyun valley natural scenic spot, the original grassland resort...Compared with 2015, 14 scenic spots become the beijing-tianjin-hebei tourism year 2016 new scenic spot on the card.In addition to covering the scenic spot has one of the most abundant, the scenic area also has a lot to improve quality, more than three a-level scenic area reached 71.5 4 a level scenic area, including total Ming tombs Shinto, MingZhaoLing, white grass on national forest park and baiyangdian lotus grand view garden.4 a grade scenic spot, 27, including Beijing planetarium, badaling Great Wall ShuiGuan, tangshan caofeidian wetland, etc.
"This scenic area in 135, there were 130 can be infinite time to visit, that is to say, one year take a year to the scenic area, to how many times it doesn't matter."Beijing-tianjin-hebei tourism year card issuing office marketing manager zhang li, the 130 single scenic spot ticket price is 4871 yuan, of which a single scenic spot ticket prices have more than 40 of more than 50 yuan, the year price is 130 yuan only.
In addition, the mid - 2016, increased the proportion of the scenic spot in hebei province, tianjin, including 40 in hebei province, tianjin eight, including tianjin, tangshan residence of zhang xueliang castle peak tube, zhangjiakou sell source swan lake scenic spots, famous scenic spot is within the scope of the year.
On sort of year, the total issued in three kinds of CARDS.The first card for ordinary years, price 130 yuan, with the recent bareheaded and 1 inch photos are available to buy.The retirees and over 60 respectively can enjoy preferential price of $100 and $60.The second anniversary card for 80 yuan, 1 unlimited use, but each scenic spot limited use 1 time every year.And, for a third visit to go to Beijing park jointly issued by the joint annual card, price 200 yuan.Including urban district the Summer Palace, the temple of heaven, the water cube and so on 19 park, a total of 140 park scenic area.Joint card on December 15, unified by the Beijing park management center.The cloud (source: Beijing daily intern reporter: yuan)